The Permanent Committee for Human Rights Defense (CPDH), is a non-government organization created from the conclusions of the First National Forum for Human Rights Defense and Democratic Liberties, which took place in Bogota from March 30 to April 1, 1979, in defense of the rights restricted by the government of President Julio César Turbay Ayala.
Since then, the CPDH has lead a tough struggle in the defense of Human Rights and democratic liberties, and the protection of the civilian population in the crossfire of the armed conflict. It has created stages where the right and respect of life, the peace processes and the defense of fundamental rights come together, always setting as the running principle the integrity of Human Rights, civil participation, and efforts against the paramilitary.
Legally, the CPDH was recognized as a non-profit organization by Resolution 3547 of 1985 lead by a General Assembly conformed by people from different social, political, academic, and Human Rights organizations.

National Forums
Local Human Rights Committees
Database of Human Rights Violations
Aid and Paperwork of Complaints